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Weekly Updates

Chief Executive Chris Conway's weekly update to employees

24 August 2020​

With restrictions placed on both indoor and outdoor gatherings last week, it has been another reminder to us all to continue to maintain and communicate our back to basics messages, such as washing your hands regularly and maintaining social distancing.

10 August 2020​

From today, it is now compulsory to wear face coverings in shops and other enclosed public spaces.

03 August 2020​

The news and our world continue to be dominated by the pandemic

27 July 2020​

The news this week is dominated by a number of changing situations, and this reinforces for us all that the pandemic is far from over and that we must all continue to be mindful that circumstances can still change very quickly at present.

20 July 2020​

This week many people are continuing to return to their workplaces and whilst this was an unusually quiet holiday period for us, I’m pleased to see a steady increase of people beginning to use public transport again.

06 July 2020​

This is a week of positive changes and the start of a return of those things we would have taken for granted before.

29 June 2020​

As we await confirmation on the proposal for making face coverings compulsory on public transport in Northern Ireland, this week will be one of significant changes for us all.

22 June 2020​

This week, we continue to see further developments and lifting of the restrictions, and I know many are eagerly awaiting the announcement later today which will hopefully allow us to meet friends and family indoors

08 June 2020​

This week we are seeing further lifting of restrictions in our ‘Pathway to Recovery’.  With more discussions taking place today, we are all waiting to see how our lives will be changing over the coming weeks.

01 June 2020​

As we move into a new month and our continued small steps to recovery, our focus for public transport will be helping to support all of us as we move forward.

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