Ways to Pay During COVID-19 Emergency

Ways to Pay During COVID-19 Emergency

During these difficult times, we must limit contact between our staff and passengers as much as possible. One of the ways we are trying to do this, is by encouraging passengers to use prepaid tickets such as mLink or multi-journey tickets and contactless if purchasing at stations, on board the train from the conductor or Glider TVMs.  

We have a ‘No change policy’ on board: Passengers need to tender the correct fare if paying by cash to the bus driver or train conductor on board all bus and train services - there will be no change given to passengers onboard to reduce personal contact. Passengers buying tickets at bus and train stations will still be able to receive change, however, are strongly urged where possible to use prepaid ticket options or tender the exact fare to reduce the amount of cash handling.

Enterprise/Goldline Cross Border

  • Enterprise and Goldline Cross Border tickets can still be purchased online.  Any passengers who purchase Web Saver tickets to travel on the Enterprise, will not receive a voucher in the post or at the station.  They will instead be issued with a ticket for travel when they arrive at their chosen departure station.  They will need to have their booking reference to quote to station staff.
  • Any passengers that have purchased an online ticket to travel on Cross Border Goldline services will have their QR codes scanned as usual.  Any passenger needing to purchase a ticket on the day can buy at the station using card (contactless) or cash.  We urge any passengers paying with cash to have the exact change to limit the contact between drivers/station staff and passengers.

NIR Weekly/Monthly/3 Day Select

  • NIR tickets can be purchased at the station using contactless or cash.  Change can be given, however, contactless would be preferred.
  • Tickets can also be purchased from conductor on board the train using contactless or cash – if using cash a ‘No change policy’ is in place to reduce personal contact.
  • NIR tickets can also be purchased via our mLink app (available for IOS and Android)
  • Weekly and Monthly Tickets can be purchased online when you plan a journey

Smartlink Cards

  • Smartlink Cards can be purchased online, in bus stations and selected Smartlink Agents 
  • They can also be topped up in bus stations and selected Smartlink Agents (link again to list of agents)
  • Smartlink Cards can be purchased at the station using contactless or cash.  Change can be given, however, contactless would be preferred.
  • Weekly/Monthly tickets for Metro and Glider can also be purchased online or via our mLink app (available for IOS and Android)
  • Any Smartlink Cards needed for Ulsterbus services will need to be purchased in a station or at any of the selected Smartlink Agents    

iLink Cards

  • iLink Cards can be purchased in any bus or train station and online when you plan a journey

mLink App

The mLink app allows passengers to purchase tickets for NI Railways, Metro, Foyle Metro, yLink, 24+, Airport Express 300, Ulsterbus Craigavon and Goldline Services within Northern Ireland.  Please note; On peak tickets can be purchased before 09:30 and off-peak tickets can be purchased after 09:30. Please also be aware that single tickets cannot be purchased on the app. Find out more 

  • NI Railways tickets available on mLink: Single, Day Returns, Weekly, Monthly and 3 Day Flexi
  • Metro tickets available on mLink: Single, Day tickets, Weekly and Monthly tickets
  • Foyle Metro tickets available mLink: Day Tickets
  • Airport Express 300 tickets available on mLink: Single and Monthly Returns
  • Ulsterbus Craigavon tickets available on mLink: Day Tickets - Travel for one day between Lurgan and Portadown Town Centres (services 46, 47 & 51)
  • Goldline Service tickets available on mLink – All Goldline services that operate within Northern Ireland
  • yLink and 24+ card holders will need to register their card on the mLink app before buying tickets
aLink Card Transferability

From 31 March 2020

Due to the current reduced timetable and to allow flexibility for passengers using our services for essential journeys, from 31 March 2020, aLink cards can be used on bus and train services for the same journey stated on the card. 

For example, a passenger with an aLink card for a Goldline journey between Antrim and Belfast can use their aLink card for the exact same rail journey. A passenger with an aLink card for a NIRailways journey between Newry and Belfast, can use the card on board the bus for the same journey.

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