The Translink 'Go Bus'

Group Chief Executive's Weekly Message

" fit healthy and motivated employees are the key to success in any well-run business"
12th September 2014



We understand that fit, healthy, and motivated employees are the key to success in any well-run business. In order to help nurture your personal well-being we offer a range of different Go Healthy schemes and I know many of you welcome these - I hear the charity cycle went very well on Sunday, well done to all who participated.

In order to make many of these Go Healthy programmes even more accessible our engineers are busy refitting and refurbishing a single deck bus making it into an innovative 'mobile venue' to better engage with employees right across the network. Inside there will be a private area for health checks along with Wi-Fi and around 26 seats for demonstrations. It will also have a bespoke designed external livery promoting our four 'Go themes'.

As well as general wellbeing checks and health information sessions, the new 'Go bus' will be used for other Go Eco and Go Safe activities including visits to schools and community groups making it a valuable multi-functional bus to suit different business needs. We will also be offering local charities and organisations the chance to hold information sessions on board for our employees in keeping with our Go Together ethos. We are looking forward to having this new bus on the road this autumn - so look out for it visiting your area.

Finally, our Love Metro Saturdays promotion returned last week to promote our great value £2 fare with a dayLink card or £2.50 with cash Day Ticket. Look out for our 'Team Translink' in the city centre who will be encouraging more people to try Metro as a better way to travel.

Gordon Milligan

Interim Group Chief Executive