Fare Evasion

"Pay the fare or pay the penalty"
4th October 2013


Dear Colleagues,

This week we highlight the issue of fare evasion on our rail services.

Thanks to the vigilance of our Conductors and station staff between January and December last year 22 rail passengers were identified for ticketing irregularities that resulted in fines of £2,508 being collected.  In addition, seventy penalty fares for fare evasion issued by our rail staff resulted in fines of £1,579.

The vast majority of our customers are honest and pay the correct fare and it is only right that we have a strong stance on those who don’t. Offending passengers may be brought to court by our Prosecutions team -this may result in a court appearance and a potential maximum fine of up to £1000. For example, recently one individual from Newry was issued with an excess fare for £9.80, which he chose not to pay.  He was taken to Court by the team and was convicted and fined £117 – a costly train ride at the end of the day!

The general public need to be reminded that as well as the financial consequences, anyone caught and prosecuted will have a court conviction recorded against their name (not helpful when having to disclose convictions in future, for foreign travel purposes or job interviews).

If passengers want to travel on our services, they have to pay. No excuse.

I would like to thank all our employees who supported our Charity Partner, Macmillan Cancer Support in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.

Many of you contributed to the funds raised on the morning whether you donated produce or money – your generosity is very much appreciated and so far we have raised almost £2,000 with more funds expected!

This is a great start to our partnership with the charity to help them deliver those all-important services so essential to those living with cancer in local communities throughout Northern Ireland.

Catherine Mason

Group Chief Executive