Life's better with Translink

"Passengers are our best Ambassadors"
1st November 2013


Dear Colleagues,

This week we launched a major new marketing campaign to show how 'Life's better' using the bus and train. Our customers keep telling us that using our services makes life better for them in many ways - more time to relax free from the stress of driving in traffic; more time to catch up on work or social activities; quicker journey times as well as money savings compared to paying for fuel, parking and car maintenance costs. We are using this campaign to spread these messages - look out for our advertising on TV, radio, outdoor and digital channels. We will also be having roadshows and using Facebook and Twitter.

To launch the campaign, we have recruited Translink celebrity champions - David Meade, Pete Snodden, Katrina Doran and Nuala McKeever (who are all bus or train users). They will be hosting special ticketed Translink journeys throughout November and December. We are also encouraging passengers to become Ambassadors for their bus/rail service by sharing their own 'Life's better' experiences amongst their friends, family and colleagues.

It is the right time for a campaign like this to build on the many service enhancements in fleet, facilities and customer information which have already attracted so many more new people on board our services (over 1.5 million more journeys last year).

If you can think of anyone who would be a suitable Translink Ambassador, get them to contact us – for full details on the new campaign and how to get involved click, call 028 9066 6630 or email [email protected]. People can follow us at #translinklifesbetter and get involved with the online conversation too!

Lastly, I am also pleased to announce that our Stores Department at Adelaide Train Maintenance Facility within Rail Services recently attained Quality Management Certification to BS EN ISO 9001: 2008, joining our other Stores Departments at Duncrue St and York Road who achieved the standard last year. BS EN ISO 9001:2008 is an internationally recognised quality standard that provides a framework to ensure processes are in place to deliver safe, reliable, sustainable and integrated Materials Management to both Bus and Rail Engineering. Well done to everyone involved in achieving this important certification.

Catherine Mason

Group Chief Executive