Bus and Bike Travelling in Harmony' and saving time travelling by bus!

"an experience that our passengers regularly enjoy"
8th November 2013


Dear Colleagues,

A joint initiative with Translink, Sustrans and Travelwise NI, the 'Bus and Bike Travelling in Harmony' campaign was launched at Laganside Buscentre this week. The campaign aims to provide bus drivers and cyclists with a better understanding of each other's needs such as giving sufficient road space, potential blind spots and the importance of making the appropriate adjustments while travelling to ensure they travel safely on the road together.

As well as the new guide, National Standard Cycle Training has been given to bus driver instructors and all of our Ulsterbus and Metro bus drivers will complete a training module this year highlighting best practice of sharing the road with cyclists to support this campaign. Particular emphasis has been placed on the bus drivers' interaction with cyclists in shared bus lanes.

With more and more people looking for better ways to travel, growing numbers are getting the bus or using their bikes to get around. There is an onus on all road users to travel safely and respect one another.

Congestion in Belfast was in the news this week and BBC Radio Ulster's 'Good Morning Ulster' sent a journalist by car from Four Winds to Titanic Quarter yesterday morning. The journey took a staggering 1 hour and 15 minutes! Our Minister who was asked to respond to this, challenged the journalist to make the same journey by bus this morning!

In order to make the comparison as close as possible, he departed Cairnshill Park & Ride at 0800 and reached Bedford Street at 0817, boarding the 26C service to Titanic Quarter from Wellington Place at 0833 and reaching the final destination just 45 minutes after leaving.

While this is an experience that our passengers regularly enjoy, it was a very useful way to demonstrate some of the messages of our #translinklifesbetter campaign to the show's listeners; namely that using passenger transport saves on time, stress and money! Thanks to everyone who went the extra mile to make this journey so seamless.

Catherine Mason

Group Chief Executive