More detail on funding reductions

Group Chief Executive's Weekly Message

"We will work to make everyone aware of the impact these funding cuts will have on our business"
10th December 2014

You will have seen coverage in the media of more detail in relation to the reductions planned in DRD's funding for Translink; a reduction of £15 million is proposed for 2015/16, equivalent to 20% of the funding we receive from them.

As a consequence, Translink was requested to consider the measures that would need to be taken and the associated impacts. These are summarised in the 2015/16 draft budget consultation document released by the DRD.

The potential measures to deliver savings include challenging internal efficiencies, a reduction in the number of management, administrative and clerical staff employed, as well as;

  • Above inflation fare increases.
  • Rail service efficiencies including off-peak service reductions and reduced frequency on the Larne and Newry services.
  • Bus Station Closures and Bus Engineering Reorganisation linked to service reduction / cessation.
  • Bus service reductions including withdrawal of town services across 1 city and 13 towns, focusing on those routes which are less used.
  • Overall job losses of around 160 staff, reducing the pay bill by £5.7 million.

Media reports last Friday detailing, for example, which towns may be affected, were based on correspondence from the DRD to the Committee for Regional Development. This was not issued by Translink.

Please be clear, the funding cuts reported are still proposals at this stage; they have not yet been finalised. This draft budget was issued by way of public consultation and the DRD are seeking people's views on the proposals. You are of course free to respond as an individual.

We will work to make everyone aware of the impact these funding cuts will have on our business, individuals who rely on our bus and rail services, the communities we serve and the economy as a whole. We will also continue to work with officials from DRD to assess (and minimise) the impact of any funding cuts.

Meantime, I commit to keeping you informed and ask you to focus on delivering excellent bus and rail services; by continuing to be a successful and growing business we will be best placed to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

David Strahan

Group Chief Executive