Group Chief Executive Announcement

"thank you for your support over the past years"
19th December 2013


Dear Colleagues,

I will be leaving my position as Group Chief Executive of Translink in March to take up a post in England with NATS, the UK's leading provider of Air Traffic Management (ATM) services

I must say it is with mixed emotions I am making this move; firstly genuine sadness, I will really miss being here because I have enjoyed my time in Translink and Northern Ireland.

But I also feel huge pride in the success we have had, during very difficult economic times. We have grown passenger numbers, customer satisfaction is very high and we run an efficient organisation. During the past six years we have delivered major investment programmes; new buses and trains, major infrastructure works and passenger facilities and huge innovation in ticketing and customer information.

Of particular note is the work done in corporate responsibility (Go Eco, Go Safe, Go Together and Go Healthy) and in developing our people's skills and capabilities. None of this would have been possible without the professionalism and expertise of everyone in Translink and all done with a warmth to, and care for our customers.

Lastly, I have to say how struck I have been with the friendship and welcome of our Translink family which has made my time here immensely enjoyable - thank you for that and your support over the past years.

Catherine Mason

Group Chief Executive