Employee Engagement Survey

"change the way we work and get things done"
10th May 2013


Dear Colleagues,

As you will all know, our Employee Engagement Survey which calls for your views on a range of matters concerning your working life has been open for a number of weeks.   

With the closing date of Monday 20th May soon approaching, I want to remind and urge all employees to take part and tell us what you think.  This will give us the information we need to really understand what it is like for you.

The survey only takes around 15 minutes to complete; getting a good response rate will give us credible, robust and representative results that will allow us to develop meaningful action plans, capitalising on what works and seeing how and what we need to change to improve.

Everyone's views matter to us, so please take the time to answer all the questions frankly and honestly and in terms of your own work context. It is highly important that we capture your thoughts and opinions about working in Translink.

Once the results are analysed we will share the feedback with you and begin to address and prioritise the issues that matter to you.

As the survey will be carried out by Ipsos MORI, all employees can be assured that responses will be treated with the utmost confidence and will therefore be absolutely anonymous.

We are committed to continuous improvement, we want all employees to take part in our survey so we can change the way we work to the benefit of both the wider business and you as individuals.

Catherine Mason

Group Chief Executive