Rail Services to resume between Derry ~ Londonderry and Coleraine

"Engineering work completed ahead of schedule"
15th February 2013


Dear Colleagues,

This week we announced that the railway line between Derry ~ Londonderry and Coleraine is to re-open and services will resume on Sunday 24th March 2013. Huge effort has gone into completing this project ahead of schedule and within budget and I want to thank our infrastructure team and the contractors for working towards the successful delivery of the project. We are now looking forward to getting services running again and welcoming back customers to and from the North West.  Notably, the timetable we are introducing has a train arriving into Derry before 9am, in fact for the first time ever a train arrives before 8.30am; we made this decision following local consultation.

You may be aware of on-going media coverage of the ‘Belfast on the Move’ traffic plan which we have been responding to, explaining the benefits to bus and rail customers.  The traffic measures seek to make it easier for those travelling to the city centre and to create a more pleasant environment once there.  The measures include more priority for bus passengers, cyclists and pedestrians and create alternative routes for those motorists who currently use the road in front of the City Hall as a through route.

Our message has been that ‘Belfast on the Move’ will mean speedier bus journeys and more reasons for current motorists to use the bus.  Along with our new fleet, innovative ticketing, free Wi-Fi and value for money, many have already made the choice to travel into Belfast by Goldline and Metro. 

On the railways too, motorists have the choice of much better journey times.  The fastest journey from Bangor to Belfast is 22 minutes, from Carrickfergus it is 14 minutes, from Portadown 34 minutes and from Lisburn a remarkable 9 minutes!  All this in comfortable new trains, with free Wi-Fi and a 99% ‘on time’ performance which is the envy of the rest of these islands!  Driving could never compete (did you know average peak hour speed on some of the main roads into Belfast are as low as 11mph?).

Over the past year 1.5 million more fare paying passengers have chosen to use Translink’s bus and train services.  This is to save money, time and stress and avoid the hassle of car parking.  Passenger Transport is a real success story for Northern Ireland.

Catherine Mason

Group Chief Executive