Adelaide Train Maintenance Facility Opens

"investment and jobs for a growing railway"
14th December 2012


Dear Colleagues,

This week we officially opened our new £28 million Train Maintenance Facility in Adelaide, South Belfast.  Here we will maintain our new fleet of 20 Class 4000 trains (as well as our Class 3000 trains). The good news also is that the depot brings 14 new engineering jobs.

On the Adelaide site are engineering, fuelling, train wash and stabling facilities along with material storage area and staff accommodation facilities.  In keeping with our sustainability agenda, sound environmental design was also considered throughout this project from construction through to operations with grey water harvesting, water recycling systems, solar panels and energy efficient lighting.
This is a great new facility which will help us to keep growing passenger numbers on our train services. Last year nearly 11 million passengers made the choice to travel by rail - the highest level recorded since 1967, representing over 70% growth since 2002.  This is largely because of investment, well maintained, clean trains and great people providing attractive, reliable and good value services.
I would like to thank our Project Team, our contractor Graham and all other suppliers involved in the successful delivery of this major infrastructure project.

Catherine Mason

Group Chief Executive