Rail Collision Re-enactment

"Go Safe"
24 August 2012


Dear Colleagues,

This week our colleagues in NI Railways conducted a graphic re-enactment of a collision scene in partnership with the Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service to remind pedestrians and motorists of the very serious consequences of trespassing on or near tracks. The incident took place at Sheep Pen level crossing in Antrim and was a valuable training exercise for the emergency services.

Over the past year, there have been an average of 10 incidents of misuse at public crossings per month and almost 160 prosecutions were made – 91 of which have been safety related.

A rise of reports of children and young people playing on railway lines over the summer months has also raised much concern, with over 110 incidents of trespass in July and August on the rail network. Many pedestrians and motorists appear oblivious to the very real dangers that exist.

Safety is a top priority for us and we have been running our ‘Deadline’ rail safety campaign all summer to reinforce these messages. We urge people not to use the tracks as a shortcut; always wait behind the yellow line on the platform; never mess around near tracks; use railway crossings safely and motorists should never be tempted to jump the lights or beat the barriers at railway crossings.

We also remind pedestrians and motorists that for reasons of safety, CCTV is in operation at stations, railway crossings and on all trains. We will prosecute anyone caught damaging property, trespassing or endangering others.

For further information on how Translink supports schools, parents and young people you can view our safety videos on www.youtube.com/user/TranslinkNI.

Catherine Mason,

Group Chief Executive