Employee survey – have your say

"Only you can tell us your views"
19th April 2013


Dear Colleagues,

This Monday we launch our group-wide Employee Survey which has been designed to let you tell us your opinions and thoughts about working in Translink.  What you tell us could change the way we work and get things done.  Only you can tell us what you think, so it is important you spare 15 minutes to complete the survey; all responses are of course anonymous.  We will report back to you the results and address matters raised as part of our commitment to continuous improvement – for the business and for employees.

Also as part of our commitment to improvement, we recently set up a Female Leadership Project led by female employees to look at recruitment and career development for females across the organisation. This is being done because research shows that mixed teams are higher performing and it is important that we ensure everyone feels able to apply to and progress in Translink so that we attract and retain the best people.  We have drawn up an action plan focussing on recruitment, retention and progression of female staff. This Wednesday will move to the next stage of the project with the Female Leadership Conference for all female MPT and senior graded employees and I very much look forward to seeing all those attending on the day.

Lastly, the Group is still thriving when it comes to awards - we have just heard our submission to the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Climate Change Category as part of Business in the Community Responsible Business Awards has just been reaccredited with a ‘Big Tick’. The award recognises the best examples of businesses transforming their communities and themselves to create a more sustainable future. This is a fantastic achievement for the company and we are delighted that our good practice continues to be recognised.

Catherine Mason

Group Chief Executive