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From Monday 2 September 2019, some Metro services will change. This includes timetable changes, but also changes to some departure points and route numbers.

Only Metro services listed below are changing. All other services are unaffected.

These changes are as a result of customer feedback to simplify the network and make it more accessible and easier for all our passengers to use. 

  • Metro 1, 2, 13,14 will not pick up from Chichester Street. The next stop after Upper Queen Street & Wellington Street will be Victoria Square ( Band Stand).
  • Metro 4C (Kings Road and Dundonald) does not serve Tullycarnet. Customers wishing to go to Tullycarnet use Metro service 4D.  

Metro 2

Cavehill & Downview Road services will now join Metro 2 Shore Road - Departs Wellington Place

Current Number New Number  
61 2J View Map
64 2K View Map
64B 2M View Map

Metro 3

Holywood Road & Belmont Road - Departs Donegall Square West

Current Number New Number  
- **3B View Map
28 *3C View Map
28A *3D View Map
27 *3E View Map
20 3F View Map
20A 3G View Map
23 3H View Map

**Metro service, travelling via Albertbridge Road and Holywood Road to Knocknagoney

*Serving Connsbrook Avenue and Station Road

Metro 5

Castlereagh Road - Departs Donegall Square West

Current Number New Number  
31 5c View Map

Metro 6

Cregagh Road & Newtownbreda - Departs Donegall Square West

Current Number New Number  
77 6C View Map
78 6D View Map
79 6E View Map

Metro 7

Ormeau Road & Annadale - Departs Howard Street

Current Number New Number  
30 / 30A 7E View Map
29C 7G View Map
29 7H View Map

Metro 9

Lisburn Road & Donegall Road - Departs Donegall Square East

Current Number New Number  
92 9E View Map
92B 9F View Map
92A 9G View Map
91 9H View Map
90 9J View Map
89 9K View Map

Metro 10

Falls Road & Glen Road - Departs Queen Street

Current Number New Number  
81 10K View Map
80 10M View Map
80A 10P View Map

Metro 11

Shankill Road & Crumlin Road - Departs Chichester Street​ (SS Moores) New Departure Point

Current Number New Number  
- *11A View Map
57 11E View Map
57A 11F View Map

*11A route will serve Shankill Road, Glenbank Corner- Bilston Road- Ballysillan Road- Ballysillan Park (the current route)

Metro 12

Oldpark Road & Cliftonville Road - Departs Donegall Square North​ New Departure Point

Current Number New Number  
12A - View Map
12B - View Map
- *12C View Map

*Metro service will be introduced serving Thornberry and Wolfhill via Cliftonville Rd, Oldpark Rd and Ligoniel Rd

Titanic Quater & Holywood Exchange

Current Number New Number  
26A 94 View Map
26B 94A View Map
26 94B View Map
Metro Corridor Key
You’re 1 in 30 Million

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What Else is new?
Metro has served Belfast since 2005, operating along 12 main bus corridors. A phased programme of developments are planned, starting with the first phase this September, simplifying the network to make it more accessible and easier for all our passengers to use.
  • Over 500 of our Metro bus shelters will have improved passenger information.

  • 2,000 bus stop flags will be simplified with renumbering of urban routes, use of colour and improved presentation.

  • Vehicles will have improved capacity for passengers

  • Colour coded network map including an a-z of service locations

  • Urban Metro Services renumbered to join corridors 1-12 for consistency across the network

New and Extended Services
  • Metro 3b - Metro service, travelling via Albertbridge Road and Holywood Road to Knocknagoney.

  • 3c,d,e serving Connsbrook Avenue and Station Road.

  • Metro 10 - 10j & 10k Connection from Glen Road to Colin Connect.

  • 11a will serve Shankill Road, Glenbank Corner, Upper Crumlin Road to Ballysillan Park. Inward journey to city Centre via Ballysillan Road, Bilston Road and Glenbank Corner.

  • New Metro 12c - will be introduced, serving Thornberry and Wolfhill via Cliftonville Roa, Oldpark Road and Ligoniel Road.

City Centre Departure Map

Get our latest city centre departure point map

Metro - The Lifeblood of Belfast

Metro buses carry almost 600k passenger journeys every week helping to boost employment, tackle physical inactivity, enabling access to education, supporting retailers and tourism and reducing congestion.

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