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Introducing the New Brand

Glider... the new, effortless and smooth way to travel, Glide through city traffic and arrive fresh and ready on a modern and high tech mode of travel, providing directcross-city services between East and West Belfast.
Representing an investment of over £90m, it will deliver a high quality, high capacity, bus-based rapid transit system that makes way for a transformational change and a more connected City, bringing people and communities together.
The Experience
The Glider experience is all about ease of use and great value. It is frequent and accessible and connects into the wider Translink bus and rail networks to provide convenient integrated network.
The services will operate with a new modern eco-hybrid fleet. Catering for more passengers than conventional buses, passengers will also enjoy new ticketing system for faster boarding and alighting. Extensive bus priority will also be in place along the route, facilitating fast and reliable journeys. Metro bus feeder services will connect Glider passengers to residential areas in the Dundonald and Colin Areas.