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A New Mode of Travel for Belfast

Translink is transforming public transport in Belfast in line with our Vision 'To Be Your First Choice for Travel in Northern Ireland'.
We have ambitious plans to deliver excellent bus and rail services that will enhance connectivity and help to unlock the full potential of Belfast as a forward looking, dynamic and ambitious city, driven by talent and ready for investment.
Enhancing Belfast City
Glider is a new, innovative mode of travel for Belfast, set to further enhance the image of the city and inspire even more
people to choose public transport.
Our Metro, NI Railways, Enterprise, Ulsterbus and Goldline services already play a big role in the city. With over 800,000 passenger journeys made every week, we keep our city connected, enabling people to get to work, shop, study, socialise and visit.
By moving people effectively, we help build a successful economy, giving our city a competitive edge to attract talent and investment.
We hope you will join us on our journey to build a better future, offering more opportunities through our public transport infrastructure.