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Walking Maps

Why not step out and walk as part of a public transport journey on your highway to health.

A series of maps and leaflets have been produced showing the time it takes to walk from the City Hall, main bus centres and rail stations to key locations in the city centre.

Have a look at the walking maps for the following areas which details the key Translink bus & rail stations within Belfast City Centre:


Walking around the city will:

  • reduce the risk of developing heart disease and strokes
  • help to prevent high blood pressure
  • help to control your weight
  • reduce stress
  • maintain good mental health
  • satisfy most people's healthy exercise requirement
  • aid restful sleep.

Walking one mile in 20 minutes uses as much energy as:

  • running a mile in 10 minutes
  • swimming breast stroke for 10 minutes
  • playing football for 12 minutes
  • cycling for 16 minutes
  • doing aerobics for 16 minutes
  • weight training for 17 minutes.

Belfast Walks

With soaring fuel prices and growing levels of traffic congestion and obesity in Northern Ireland there is a lot to be said for leaving the car at home and walking where possible.

From 1996 - 2005, the percentage of people walking to work has decreased from 11.3% to 9%. Not surprisingly, car use has increased from 79.9% to 82% in the same period.

Walking as opposed to driving or being driven around Belfast has a number of benefits that can be outlined as follows:


Regular walking will:

  • not have any negative environmental impact
  • help reduce traffic congestion.


Regular walking will also:

  • save fuel costs
  • save parking costs
  • reduce wear and tear on your car.


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