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£2 Day Ticket on mLink

On All Foyle Metro Services
For the city that’s always on the move – enjoy £2 day tickets on mLink for unlimited day travel on Foyle Metro services it’s the Way £2 Go!
Download the mLink app today.
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Did you know that many of our ticket types are also available to buy and use on our ticketing app 'mLink' and it's available to download now on IOS and Android devices
Ticket Terms and Conditions
  1. mLink Foyle Metro tickets are only valid on scheduled Foyle Metro services within Derry~Londonderry. 
  2. You must always activate your mLink Foyle Metro ticket for travel before you board the bus.  If you do not activate your mLink Foyle Metro ticket prior to boarding you must buy a full price cash ticket from the driver which is non-refundable. Your mLink Foyle Metro ticket will not activate automatically.
  3. Travel starts on the day your mLink Foyle Metro Day Ticket is activated and is valid for travel during the remainder of that day on scheduled Foyle Metro services.
  4. Your purchased Foyle Metro mLink ticket (s) will remain stored on your mobile phone until you decide to activate them and activated tickets should always be shown to authorised Translink staff when requested.

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