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Ulsterbus Using Smartlink

Using Your Smartlink Card on the Bus

  1. Hold your Smartlink Card to the target on the ticket machine reader tray with the front of the card facing upwards.
  2. The machine will bleep once and the green light will light up. The display will show ‘Adult’ or ‘Child’ and the number of journeys on the card.
  3. The machine will automatically deduct one journey from your card and issue you with a journey receipt to the destination stage the card has been issued for.
  4. If the red light appears, remove your Card. Then hold it to the target and try again.
  5. To top-up your card with 10 journeys on a bus, hold your card to the target on the ticket machine reader. The driver will add 10 journeys and request payment.

Smartlink MJ Cards are transferable and can be used by two or more people travelling together provided there are sufficient journeys stored on the card. If two or more people are travelling together on one Smartlink MJ Card, simply wait 3 seconds and then repeat Step 1 for each person travelling. The machine will automatically deduct one journey for each person.

Smartlink Travel Cards can only be used by one person per journey, but can be transferred to someone wishing to travel at a different time.

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