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Daily, Weekly & Monthly Cards

Unlimited Daily*, Weekly or Monthly Travel
A Smartlink Travel Card stores unlimited travel for a day*, a week or a month. Perfect if you make more than 2 bus journeys a day. The more you travel, the more you save! Smartlink Travel Cards are available for all Metro and Glider services or Ulsterbus Services.
*PLEASE NOTE that daily travel is valid for Ulsterbus only with a Smartlink Card. For Metro and Glider Daily Travel Cards you must use a dayLink Card.
Your travel starts from the date of first use, not when you purchase. A daily topup is valid for travel that day only from the date of first use. A week's travel is valid for 7 consecutive days from the date of first use. A month's travel is valid for a calendar month from the date of first use, (for example, from 25th February to 24th March inclusive).
What are the Benefits
It saves you money.
It is a safer, cash free method of payment for travel.
Smartlink helps speed up boarding times!
Lost or Stolen cards can be cancelled or 'hotlisted', preventing fraudulent use
Once you start using your Travel Card, you can top up with a further week, two weeks or one calendar month. When you top up your card, any additional days extend the validity of the card from that date e.g. if you have 3 days left on your card and you top up with a further 7 days, your Travel Card immediately becomes valid for 10 days from the date you top up, and not 3 days plus a further 7 days from the date of first use of newly purchased travel.
Buying a Smartlink Card
You can buy your Smartlink Card and initial top-up of travel online now. Metro and Glider customers can also purchase a smartlink Card at one of the participating Smartlink Agents in the Greater Belfast Area, at the Metro Kiosk in Donegall Square West.
Using your Smartlink Card on Metro
Three easy steps to using your Smartlink Card on the Bus.
Step 1
Step 1
Hold your card to the target on the ticket machine reader tray with the front of the card facing upwards.
Step 2
Step 2
The machine will bleep once and the green light will light up. The display will show 'Adult' or 'Child' and the expiry date. If the red light appears, remove your card. Then hold it to the target and try again.
Step 3
Step 3
The machine will also issue you with a ticket showing the expiry date of the current top-up and a reminder to top-up when there are only 3 days validity on it. The ticket must be retained for inspection.
Topping Up a Smartlink Card
Ulsterbus customers can top-up on Ulsterbus services or in Stations. 1 Month top-ups are only available in Stations.

Metro and Glider customers can top-up at one of the participating Smartlink Agents in the Greater Belfast Area, at the Metro Kiosk in Donegall Square West, Ticket Vending Machines at Glider halts or at PayPoint Agents across Northern Ireland.

You CANNOT top-up Smartlink Cards on a Metro bus.
Look Out for the Sign!
You can now top-up Smartlink and iLink cards at all PayPoint outlets across Northern Ireland. There are over 900 PayPoint Outlets across Northern Ireland. Just look out for the PayPoint sign. You can still top-up your Translink Smartcard at all the usual Translink sales outlets as well.
* You cannot buy a Translink Smartcard at a PayPoint Outlet.
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