Translink Spirit In Action


With the climate change emergency now labelled a ‘code red for humanity’ moment, Translink has launched an exciting campaign.

The campaign, under the banner #LetsChangeTogether, is calling for organisations and individuals to join with it to make the necessary changes to achieve net-zero emissions across Northern Ireland.

Campaign initiatives include:

This campaign coincides with the publication of Translink’s own Climate Positive Strategy at the COP26 Global Conference in Glasgow, where we pledged to become net-zero by 2040, ahead of the Paris Climate Agreement targets and be climate positive by 2050.

Collective Change

This strategy recognises the need for;
Zero Emissions
Show leadership in striving to deliver zero emissions across our fleet and operations.
Icon of petrol pump
Better Travel Choices
Collective positive change in the behaviours of our passengers and the wider public as transport accounts for 35% of all consumed energy in Northern Ireland and 23% of all greenhouse gas emissions, mostly from private car use.
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