Climate Positive


Our Sustainable Travel Charter is aimed at employers of all sizes who want to commit to actively encouraging and promoting sustainable travel among employees.

This initiative is backed by Business in the Community and will support other wider environmental programmes already delivered by BITC.  

With the pressing climate change emergency, doing more of the same isn't an option. The Covid-19 pandemic, while hugely challenging, has presented us with a unique opportunity to do things differently and to build back better.

Change How We Travel

We need to urgently change how we choose to travel and end our overreliance on the car for regular journeys, especially to and from our places of work. Over many years this reliance has contributed to;
Unhealthy Lifestyles
Inactive sedentary lifestyles
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Traffic congestion and associated air pollution

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Social Isolation
Lack of social engagement
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Climate Emergency
High emissions and energy consumption
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Sign Up Your Organisation

If your organisation is interested in signing up to the Sustainable Travel Charter, please email us to request a pack.
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