Climate Positive


In the build up to COP26 Translink has launched a public pledge initiative which is designed to capture individual and collective climate change pledges from members of the public and various schools, community and business organisations.

The initiative is designed to capture the collective voice of Northern Ireland on positive climate change action and place it firmly on the global stage offered by COP26 to demonstrate the commitment from the region to play its part. 

COP26 Showcase

People of all ages can submit their own climate change pledge videos outlining what positive changes they plan to make in terms of their travel choices or other environmentally beneficial initiatives. Translink will also host a series of pop-up video pledge events across Northern Ireland in the coming weeks to encourage more climate positive pledges to be made. These will then be collated into a special video installation which will be showcased during the COP26 event online and in physical form. 

Submit Your Pledge

If you have a video pledge you would like to submit, simply email us it over.
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