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Belfast Rapid Transit (BRT), Belfast’s new bus-based rapid transit system due to become operational in September 2018, will create more than 100 jobs. These include a mix of Metro and BRT Bus Drivers, Customer & Revenue Protection Officers, as well as Construction workers and professional level employees to manage the delivery of a number of interdependent projects to implement the new BRT Service developments.
The majority of these jobs are for Metro and BRT drivers who will deliver a high quality, friendly, punctual and professional service that connects people, keeping communities moving and creating a healthier, less congested city. There will also be permanent and temporary opportunities available for Customer & Revenue Protection Officers who will carry out revenue protection duties and provide excellent customer service to all passengers in the delivery of the BRT programme.
If you want to be part of this exciting new opportunity, find out more by clicking on the links below.
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What is Belfast Rapid Transit?
The new jobs investment is part of the £90m BRT project funded by the Department for Infrastructure that will transform public transport in Belfast providing direct cross-city services between East and West Belfast. BRT drivers and Customer & Revenue Protection Officers will be required to commence training in summer 2018 and take up duties from 3rd September 2018.
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As part of the BRT Development, over 100 new jobs have been created including a mix of Metro and BRT drivers
What does a Bus Driver/BRT Driver do?
Drivers will operate a Bus or BRT vehicle to provide front line delivery of passenger transport services to the general public, delivering outstanding levels of operational excellence and customer service.
Information to consider before you apply:
If you have already applied to be a Bus Driver/ BRT Driver within the past 6 months and were unsuccessful, you should not re-apply until 6 months has lapsed since your application was submitted. Please note you cannot re-sit aptitude tests or an interview within a 6-month period.
If you have recently applied for Bus Driver in any location, you do not need to complete another application form, your original application form will be held on a waiting list for all chosen locations
If you are successful following interview, your name will be added to the waiting list against your preferred locations in your immediate catchment area. After you have received notification that your name has been placed on the waiting list, you should confirm the locations you wish to be considered for with HR on 028 9027 7860.
If you are successful you will remain on the waiting list for a maximum of 2 years. Following this you will be required to apply again. If no changes are made to the aptitude tests, your pass marks from these will remain valid for a maximum period of 5 years
Applicants for Belfast Bus Driver/Belfast Rapid Transit Driver positions will be allocated to one of 4 depots, therefore you should ensure you are prepared to work in any of the locations.
The Town of York
Applicants who are selected for BRT Driver will be required to complete the Bus Driver training followed by a further period for BRT conversion training.
The BRT vehicle has a tram-like appearance and is the first of its type in Northern Ireland. It operates on diesel-electric hybrid technology. Entry to the vehicle is by 3 sets of double doors and will facilitate off-board ticketing. The vehicles will have a carrying capacity of cc 100 people.
As part of this exciting opportunity
As part of this exciting opportunity - Over 100 new jobs have been created including a mix of Metro and BRT Bus Drivers, Customer & Revenue Protection Officers, as well as Construction workers and professional level employees.
Your Working Day
BRT drivers will have a guaranteed 36 hour week, however, the average hours payable for BRT duties will be 39 hours.
Duties will be a mixture of Early/Late/Spreads, all BRT duties will rotate through these. Services start from 5am and last services leave locations at 11:30pm so duties start at approximately 4:30am and finish around 12:30am with a later start in the morning at weekends.
BRT has been committed to run a service on Boxing Day therefore you may be rostered to work on this day.
The Application Process
Step 1
Fully complete the online application form and submit before the closing date
Step 2
You will then be short listed against the criteria detailed in the Core Capabilities Specification
Step 3
Aptitude Test
If you meet the shortlist criteria, you will be invited to attend paper and pencil aptitude tests
Step 4
If you meet the required standard for the tests you will then be invited to attend for an interview.
After the Interview
If you successfully complete all the above stages your application will be placed on a waiting list for up to 24 months. Applicants for Belfast Bus Driver/BRT Driver will be added to the waiting list for either opportunity. If a position becomes available, you may be contacted to attend for a medical and to complete the appropriate background checks as outlined below. Once these have been completed you may be invited to undergo a course of training at the Company’s Training School in Belfast. Appointments will be made as vacancies arise and you must be prepared to work at any sub-depot that is listed for the location you have applied for.