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Current Vacancies
Search for job opportunities.

Work Placements

We're one of the largest employers in Northern Ireland and are keen to support those who need help getting on the employment ladder.

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Graduate Programmes

We offer a challenging 2 year Operations Programme and a 3 year Engineering Programme that aims to create the next generation of Translink leaders.  

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Why Work With Us?

Translink has excellent opportunities for those seeking a career in operations, engineering, clerical or management.

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Candidate Privacy Notice

We will comply with data protection law and principles.

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Our Recruitment Process

We use a range of selection processes including application forms, tests, assessments and panel interviews to choose the most appropriate candidate for a job.

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Modern Apprenticeships

Equip yourself with skills for life and full employment from day one of our 4 year Technical Trades and Body Trades apprenticeships.

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