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Transforming Public Transport in Northern Ireland in 2018

Monday 08 January 2018
I'd like to start by wishing you a very Happy New Year and thank all of you who worked tirelessly over the Christmas break to keep our services running for the benefit of everyone in Northern Ireland. November and December are always very busy months and this year was no different with increasing numbers of people choosing to use Public Transport. The growth in public transport is set to continue and this year we have many significant developments across the company that will transform public transport now and into the future!
"The growth in public transport is set to continue this year"
Glider will be launched September 2018; the unveiling of the vehicles last month in Custom House Square sparked a lot of interest and anticipation for this new service. There is still a lot of work to do between now and the launch in September but I am confident that it will be a very popular service and that there will be a ‘Glider effect’ across all our services in Belfast and Northern Ireland as more people start to see public transport as a reliable alternative to the private car. Roadshows are being arranged for the vehicles to visit Belfast Depots to give staff an opportunity to view them before we take them out to showcase to the wider community.


The Translink Future Ticketing System is another very important project to give true integration across all our services and introduce new features such as contactless payments. The new system will be phased in alongside Glider and will then be rolled out across the rest of the network through 2019/20. This is a critical project to make ticketing easier to use and again will have a very positive impact on the number of people choosing to use Translink services.

Also, this year there will be further consultation and continued community engagement with local stakeholders on the Belfast Transport Hub and the North-West Transport Hub developments which we hope to break ground on in 2018. The Portrush Train Station redevelopment project is also on track for a Spring 2019 opening.

This week we are pleased and proud to join the Institution of Civil Engineers in launching the theme for Northern Ireland in 2018 as the Year of Infrastructure with Public Transport highlighted as a key element in Connecting People and Communities. You will hear more about this as the year progresses and we all get involved in promoting 2018 as the year of Infrastructure in Northern Ireland.

Thank you all again for all your hard work and dedication in 2017 and I look forward to all of the exciting opportunities in 2018 as we work together to continue to improve public transport and make Translink ‘Your First Choice for Travel in Northern Ireland’.
Chris Conway
Chris Conway
Group Chief Executive

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