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2017 Updates

  • Public transport at the heart of community

    Monday 18 September 2017

    constantly proving we can deliver high quality transport options across Northern Ireland

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  • Winter Timetables and Driver Recruitment

    Tuesday 12 September 2017

    our new timetables came into effect seamlessly

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  • The Launch of Foyle Metro and Wellbeing Month

    Monday 04 September 2017

    good public transport is important to the mobility and global competitiveness of our towns and cities

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  • The Translink SPIRIT shines through

    Thursday 24 August 2017

    teams worked so hard to restore our services

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  • Safety First Network-Wide

    Monday 21 August 2017

    Help us celebrate this major NI Railways milestone.

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  • Celebrating our past and planning for future success

    Monday 14 August 2017

    Help us celebrate this major NI Railways milestone.

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  • Connecting People and Opportunities through Infrastructure

    Monday 07 August 2017

    Maintaining our existing infrastructure remains a key priority

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  • The Translink SPIRIT

    Monday 31 July 2017

    The Translink SPIRIT makes safety our number one priority

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  • Supporting Communities

    Monday 24 July 2017

    thank you to everyone who has worked hard over these last few weeks to keep people moving

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  • Transforming public transport to boost NI connectivity

    Friday 30 June 2017

    Making progress to connect people, enhance the economy and improve the environment

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