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Your Translink, Your Voice

Friday 21 October 2016
I am really pleased to be launching our latest employee engagement survey ‘Your Translink, Your Voice’ which has been designed to obtain your views on working at Translink.  The Translink SPIRIT is at the heart of everything we do and I am reminded every day that it’s the people working at Translink who make the difference in the service customers receive.  Capturing and acting upon the survey information is crucial if we are to continuously improve how we go about our business and deliver our key strategic objectives of operational excellence, customer satisfaction, passenger growth and value for money. 
"Continuously improving how we go about our business"

The survey will open on 8th November for a period of three weeks and I would strongly encourage you to participate and have your say.  We have asked Ipsos MORI, an independent research company, to administer the questionnaire so you can be assured any feedback you provide is completely confidential and anonymous.  All results will be used to help us collectively work towards our aim of transforming public transport and supporting passenger growth.

We are well into the autumn period now and preparing for winter, however the leaf fall season has just begun in earnest this year and in common with other railways we have been encountering challenging conditions on the rails.  We have teams working hard during the night to combat these slippery conditions, using high powered water jets and scrubbers to clear the rails and also depositing a grit like substance on the rails.

It is important that you are aware of the potential for delays during this period and are available to support our customer service colleagues during this busy period. As well as information leaflets and posters, we have produced an animation which will be posted online and via social media channels next week to remind passengers how they can keep up to date with service information this autumn. 

We also have a busy period coming up on the Derry~Londonderry to Coleraine line when phase 2 of the renewal works will be completed. The line will be closed from the evening of the 2nd November for 18 days and I know that everyone across Bus and Rail are working hard to ensure that there will be minimal disruption to customer journeys through this period.

The next three months are usually our busiest period of the year and working together we have a great opportunity to offer excellent customer service and attract more people to ‘Get on Board’.


Chris Conway
Chris Conway
Group Chief Executive

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