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Let's go together...go car free carefree

This year could be your year to set yourself a resolution that will not only save you time, money and stress, but will also boost your fitness and reduce your carbon footprint!

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We are challenging the people of Northern Ireland to go car free, carefree by choosing public transport. Sign up to show your support, then pass that commitment along to others. Our aim is to encourage as many people as possible to give the bus or train a try - as and when they can - helping to reduce congestion leading to a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle for everyone.

We know that public transport can’t always be the choice for every single journey you take, but Translink want to remind passengers that by making the switch from the car once a week or even once a month, you can make a real your day, to your bank balance, to the environment...



Did you know...


  • Public transport offers good value for money
    Translink has a wide range of travel ticket options to suit individuals for all occasions. When you compare public transport with the costs of owning and running a private car, coupled with fuel and parking, there are significant savings to be made. And if you use one of our multi-journey savings cards, the more you use – the more you save!
  • Public transport saves you time
    By cutting out the time you spend sitting in traffic and looking for parking spaces, you can gain more time for yourself on the train or bus. How you use that time is up to you – and that’s the beauty of it

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  • Public transport reduces your stress
    Traffic congestion, searching for car parking spaces and working against the clock of the parking meter can raise stress levels without us even realising. Leave the car at home, avoid the hassle of traffic and parking and use our special bus or rail services to travel to your next event.
  • Public transport is good for the environment
    With transport counting for around 30% of carbon emissions in Northern Ireland, taking the bus or train is a ‘greener’ alternative to private car use. Translink also works hard to reduce our carbon footprint and improve environmental management – for example, we now purchase 100% of our electricity from renewable sources
  • Public transport boosts your fitness
    Taking a stroll to the nearest bus stop, bus or train station, helps you ‘up’ your heart rate, gets the blood pumping and allows you to take in some fresh air. Of course, when you arrive at your destination there might be another brisk walk to getting where you need to go. That’s certainly more healthy than driving door to door


Taking the first step

We want to inspire people who don’t normally take public transport to take the first step. Just try it out – be it once a month, once a week or, of course, every day! Taking public transport might well be easier than you think. With bus and train services in your local town, connecting you across Northern Ireland, there are travel options to suit so many journeys – short or long, group or individual, regular or one-off.

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Already a public transport user?


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For anyone who already takes public transport regularly, we’re calling on you to encourage others to do the same and become a public transport fan, like you!

Maybe you take the bus to work every day while your friends battle their way through traffic. Maybe you’ve discovered your local train service is just the ticket to the start of a good night out. No matter when and why you use public transport, why not spread the word.