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Go Together

Translink is part of the community; we are involved in a range of initiatives to protect and enhance safety, wellbeing and the environment.
How we Enhance the Community
We engage with local communities through sponsorships, charitable initiatives and supporting employees through fundraising initiatives.

Sponsored Events & Festivals
Translink try to promote a easier, cheaper and greener way to get around Northern Ireland. Which is way we sponsor a number of events and festivals across the country.
GAA Sponsorship
The GAA is an important part of many local communities that we serve and we are pleased to recognise the talent and dedication within the local GAA club scene.
Translink Youth Form
he Translink Youth Forum (TYF) has been set up to cater for young people between the ages of 11 and 23, providing an effective forum through which to channel the views, opinions and experiences
Corporate Commuter Initiative
The Translink Corporate Commuter Initiative (CCI) is an incentivised, award winning programme, aimed at encouraging employers and their staff to use sustainable forms of transport to commute to and from work.