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Rail Safety

As well as making sure thousands of people enjoy their journeys with us everyday, we're working hard behind the scenes to ensure their journey is as safe as it possibly can be.
We Need Your Help
By working together, we can prevent potentially dangerous incidents of trespass, vandalism and dangerous behaviour on trains, near railway tracks or on station platforms. Because what might seem to be a bit of harmless fun or simple carelessness can quickly turn into a very dangerous situation.
Let's stay safe, together
We encourage you to play your part in staying safe by reporting any incidents of trespass, vandalism or assault against staff members. If you're also willing to go to court to give evidence that helps to secure a conviction, we'll give you a cash reward of up to £1,000.
Keeping Everyone Safe
For your safety, CCTV is in operation at stations, railway crossings and on most trains. This monitors inappropriate behaviour and, in an effort to keep everyone safe, we prosecute anyone caught damaging property or endangering others.
The Most Important Stop of the Day
You MUST always obey the flashing red stop lights.
You MUST stop behind the white line across the road.
Keep going if you have already crossed the white line when the amber light comes on.
Do not reverse onto or over a level crossing.
You MUST wait if a train goes by and the red lights continue to flash. This means another train will be passing soon.
Only cross when the red lights go out, and the barriers are fully raised.
Never zigzag around half-barriers; they lower automatically because a train is approaching.