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Go Safe

Public Safety initiatives continue to prove successful and popular with more children and young people than ever exposed to important safety messages regarding safe travel by bus and rail.
Our mission is to provide a safer, more sustainable, efficient business, enhancing our local economy and enriching the local communities we serve.
Bus Safety
Bus Safety
When using the bus, There are a number of rules that you should be following to ensure safe travel.
Rail Safety
Rail Safety
We're working hard behind the scenes to ensure your journey is as safe as it possibly can be.
Safety for Cyclists
Safety for Cyclists
We aim to provide both bus drivers and cyclists with an understanding of each others needs and to offer guidance on how to travel safely together and encourage travel by bike and bus.
Travel Tips For Seniors
200,000 seniors use public transport every week. Translink has worked with Engage with Age to come up with some top tips for staying safe when travelling by bus and train.
Travel Safe Video
Translink have produced an Educational Safety DVD and Learning Pack for young people called 'Travel Safe', which highlights the importance of safety on public transport.