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Wellbeing Strategy

In Translink we recognise that Health and Wellbeing is a priority and value the strategic importance and benefits of a healthy workplace. To encourage a consistent and positive approach, we have developed this strategy to outline support for all employees Health and Wellbeing.
Our aim is to support employees wellbeing at work through assitance with their own Health and Wellbeing.
Take 5 Steps to Wellbeing
We know when we are mentally and physically well but sometimes we need a little extra support.Here are five simple steps to practice every day:
When we talk about connecting, we usually think of connecting with other people, there are other ways of being in touch and connected.
Be Active
Being physically active every day is important for our physical health and fitness.
Take Notice
Observing your world in a non-judgemental way brings many health benefits.
Keep Learning
Learning something new can also help you to rediscover your identity, meet great likeminded friends and connect you to whole new skills, bringing a state of accomplishment.
Giving is based on kindness – kindness to self and others is essential
As part of this exciting opportunity
Health and Wellbeing Key Performance Indicators - It can take a number of years to evidence a return on your investment, such as a reduction in absenteeism and an improvement in employees own health.
Wellbeing Champions
Some of our local Wellbeing Champions that are running events:
Siobhan Dunphy: Central Station
Ricky Blair: Coleraine Engineering Depot
Aaron Foy: Contact centre
Craig Mills: Newtownabbey Depot
Steven Hall: Coleraine NIR
Tommy Walker: Falls Depot
Siobhan Owens: Antrim Depot
Ciaran Coyle: L/Y Bus
Chris Jones: Magherafelt Bus
Siobhan Owens: Antrim Bus
Una Carson: 22 GVS
Katrina Scullion: Ballymena Bus
David Ball: Newtownards depot
Part of Our 'SPIRIT'
The Wellbeing strategy is designed to fit in with our 'Translink SPIRIT' core values, that drive our organisation.

The 'Translink SPIRIT' is a set of guiding principles that are a fundamental part of everything we do. These core values are embedded in the culture of our organisation and enable us to lead, inspire and succeed in delivering our goals for Translink.