Excellent Customer Service and Excellent Marketing of our Services

Group Chief Executive - Weekly Newsletter

25th September 2015

My key focus for the months ahead will be to drive the business forward and to continue to increase the number of passengers choosing to travel on our bus, coach and train services. Two key components of this are Excellent Customer Service and Excellent marketing of our Services.

Excellent Customer Service is something that I know everyone in Translink is very focused on and I want to encourage everyone in the company to continue this with real passion. It's not just front line staff who need this focus as support staff also play a big role in keeping the services running. Often it's not only our reliability and punctuality that counts but how we handle our customers when things sometimes go wrong.

I want to share with you a wonderful letter that I received this week; the letter was from a passenger on one of our train services who had become ill while travelling. He talked glowingly about the excellent support he received from the train staff. They went far above what was required of them in their job and showed real care and compassion for him. This passenger is now one of Translink's biggest supporters and he intends to use the train service much more in the future! This is what I mean by Excellent Customer Service in everything we do- externally with passengers and internally within the company.

Excellent marketing of our service encourages existing passengers to use our services more frequently and attracts new customers. The marketing department do an excellent job in developing marketing campaigns but I also believe that we have 4000 marketing people in our staff. There are lots of ways you can help to market Translink, e.g. make sure you know about marketing campaigns and best values fares so that you can advise passengers, encourage family and friends to use our services, bring unique or good news stories to the attention of our Communications team and I am sure you can think of many more.

Some of the excellent marketing campaigns we have running at the minute are:

  • The hard hitting rail commuter campaign, 'you are not stuck in traffic, you ARE traffic' reinforced by a mail drop offering households 50% off one peak time return journey
  • Information posters reminding passengers of the savings they could make by using weekly or monthly tickets, reinforcing our overall best value ticket propositions
  • Information roadshows are in planning to target large employers around greater Belfast, promoting best value commuter travel options including TaxSmart and aLink.
  • yLink, our young persons' travel card, with members of our best value ticket team attending fresher's fairs at universities and colleges and 2nd level schools throughout Northern, giving us an opportunity to engage lifelong customers!
  • Happy Metro Saturdays is running for six weeks, offering passengers all day travel for £2 after 09.30. This is being supported by PR and social media activity plus special added value offers for passengers including discounts at 'Home' deli and free smartlink cards. We are also involving customer facing staff in the delivery of our better value messaging with credit card sized giveaways promoting our £1.25 cityzone single fare, versus £2 cash fare.
  • A series of Goldline roadshows will take place throughout October and November in key locations to promote services and special offers, including the popular 1/3 off fares after 9.30am offer. We also continue to promote Smartlink and iLink cards as the best value options for Ulsterbus passengers, with information displayed at bus stations throughout Northern Ireland.

All of these campaigns are supported through our social media channels which currently have over 70,000 followers and I would ask all of you to remind your friends and families that many of our passengers are still not travelling on the best value ticket for their needs. All they need do is ask for assistance!

I think if we keep focused on Excellent Customer service & Excellent Marketing of Our Services then we can grow the number of passengers choosing to travel on our bus, coach and train services.

Chris Conway

Group Chief Executive