Group Safety, Health and Environmental Policy

Group Chief Executive - Weekly Newsletter

18th September 2015

This week I reviewed and affirmed my own and Translink's commitment to ensure the safety of all staff, passengers and members of the public who might come into contact with the provision of public transport.

I did not do this lightly but in the full knowledge that whilst I and my senior management team will provide leadership it requires a whole team effort if the commitment expressed in the policy is to be realised.

In particular, it will require all of us to do the right things at the right time and for the right reasons all day every day.

Our Group Safety, Health and Environmental Policy will be displayed on your local staff notice boards; I would ask you to take a few minutes to ensure you understand what we as members of Translink are committed to.

While visiting staff across our network in coming weeks, I will be interested to hear your comments on our commitment to safety, health and furthering the conservation and protection of the environment.

Chris Conway

Group Chief Executive