Eco-driving Update

Group Chief Executive - Weekly Newsletter

16th October 2015

Eco-driving is the smart, modern way to drive and is one of our important cost efficiency measures. Not only does it help us to save on our fuel costs but also offers greater levels of safety and passenger comfort as well as reduced driver stress levels.

Over recent years we have seen the introduction of new buses and trains that have advanced vehicle technology in terms of environmental performance. Having an eco driving culture alongside this makes sense and is clearly delivering some great results for example year on year, bus travel is currently showing a 3.2% improvement in fuel economy.

Another energy saving project has been the introduction of detailed monitoring of bus idling in stations. On average, a bus will use up to 4 litres an hour at idle. Our employees across the network have really got on-board to address this issue and I am pleased to report there is now a significant reduction in the number of station idle hours. These small changes can help us cut costs throughout the business as well as help to improve the natural environment for everyone.

Finally, I would like to congratulate all those receiving long service awards across the business and especially those collecting 40 year awards.

To give 40 years' service to public transport, helping customers to get to where they need to be and playing a vital role in our society is a tremendous achievement and something to be very proud of. Recently the following people attained this prestigious long service award - Tommy Jamieson, Bodybuilder, Bangor, Trevor Bell, Painter, Bangor, William Meehan, Fitter, Londonderry, Raymond Harvey, Painter, Londonderry, Gordon Campbell, Fitter, Newtownabbey, Ward Broadway, Electrician, Duncrue, Robert McFarlane, Trimmer, Duncrue, Ronald McCormick, Bus Driver, Europa and Wilbert Hamill, Bodybuilder, Lisburn. I have personally met many of them and it has been privilege to hear their stories - I look forward to meeting more of you in the future.

Chris Conway

Group Chief Executive