Customer Care

Group Chief Executive - Weekly Newsletter

6th November 2015

Since the start of the year customer complaints have been increasing across all services. Many are in relation to the recent service changes and the speed of response to complaints, however we are monitoring this closely in order to drive improvements in this area and we need your help.

On a positive note, there is also some good news coming through. I recently read some of the compliments about our Metro bus drivers - one who helped an elderly passenger to cross a busy road – a small gesture but made a big difference to that individual. One compliment letter caught my attention this week. The passenger detailed the experience from Downpatrick to Dublin; the helpful employees at the depot and the hassle-free journey had a very positive effect. They finished the letter with what can only be described as the perfect customer service, 'The service you provided with a human touch, was truly exceptional.'

Good customer care is so important to ensure we create positive travel experiences. Being pleasant costs nothing but can make the difference in getting people to come back on board time after time or even go a step further and tell others about their experience helping us to attract more people to take the bus and train.

Sometimes there are occasions when we do get things wrong, which can often be picked up and reported by the media. However, when feedback is inaccurate it is important that we set the record straight - this was the case with a recent press report regarding an alleged incident on a Metro bus. However, the incident also highlighted the fact that as an organisation we are very much in the spotlight, and illustrates what we do gets noticed, talked about and reported on.

It's important that we continue to focus and build our reputation for delivering excellent customer service at all times – so please do keep up the good work.

Chris Conway

Group Chief Executive