Cuts in public funding

Group Chief Executive's Weekly Message

"You will have seen coverage in the media of the reductions planned in public expenditure and the impact this may have on all public services."
27th November 2014

Today, the Department for Regional Development issued details of the reductions to its budget for 2015/16. This includes a £15 million reduction in funding for Translink, equivalent to 20%. The full statement may be seen at

The note refers to the impact this reduction may have;

1. Efficiency savings including reductions in manpower or reorganising facilities and reductions in areas of general administrative expenditure.

2. Significant reductions in service delivery focused on the least profitable routes, including complete withdrawal of town services from a number of towns and a reduction in the frequency of other bus and rail services.

3. Above inflation fares increases.

We are working with officials from the Department to assess the impact of the funding cuts and seeking opportunities to minimise the impact.

The proposed funding cuts have not been finalised. The release today from the Department was issued by way of public consultation and they are seeking people's views on the proposals.

Irrespective of the outcome of this consultation, we will be best placed to meet the funding challenges if we continue to be a successful and growing business. To guarantee this, we need to deliver excellent bus and rail services through our own work and through engagement with the Department.

David Strahan

Group Chief Executive