Go Healthy

Group Chief Executive's Weekly Message

"health and happiness go hand in hand"
20th June 2014


Dear Colleagues,

We are a large business and we do a lot to make sure our relationship with our neighbours, the environment and those we work with is a positive one. This work is summed up in our four: 'Go' themes: Safe, Eco, Together and Healthy.

Of course our services are vital to the local communities we serve and it is good when we can work directly with them. This week we welcomed school children from the Eco-Schools Travel Challenge finalists to Central Station. Thanks to all our local employees who helped us deliver this scheme - I have heard there was great enthusiasm from the pupils who enjoyed taking part in the challenge and will hopefully continue to be bus and train users in the long term.

Also, some of our colleagues in Derry~Londonderry have recently helped a school with a litter pick at a local park. After this they got a special VIP tour of Foyle Street bus station, the bus wash and garage which went down a treat.

I know many of you are doing excellent work like this across the network which helps us to strengthen our relationships with local schools, leaving them with a positive view of Translink. It would not be possible without our employees volunteering and being so enthusiastic about their work.

Another way we support the local community is through our Charity Partner, Macmillan. We have held a number of events and so far we have raised nearly £10,000! The next event is a football penalty shoot-out at Belfast City Hall on Thursday 26 June from 12pm to 2pm. So to get into the spirit of the World Cup, call down and show your skills and donate whatever you can.

Lastly, on the 'Go Healthy' scheme, health and happiness go hand in hand; we have just run a 'Health Week' where many of you got helpful advice and guidance on lifestyle. Our new 'Go Healthy' programme was launched this week and will give you the chance to learn new cycling skills. Translink: Go Active is a joint partnership with Sustrans and the schedule will kick off in September. Cycling is a great way to fit exercise into your daily routine and with the better weather here, why not try cycling? Remember the Cycle to Work Scheme is open anytime for applications – and is tax free!

Gordon Milligan

Interim Group Chief Executive