Unseen Heroes

Group Chief Executive's Weekly Message

"Making a difference for the people who travel with us"
20th January 2015

Across our business every day, individual members of staff make a real difference to the 'day in the life' of the people who travel with us.

During the recent bad weather, as well as those who kept services going on the ground, a lot of work went on 'behind the scenes' to keep everyone informed. For example, our social media team received many tweets thanking them for doing a great job during what was a demanding period. One customer tweeted: "Excellent Twitter team @Translink_NI, very helpful and informative this evening!".

Another great example of making a passenger's day was the teamwork of bus inspectors and a driver in the Europa and Laganside Buscentres who managed to track down and retrieve a lady's purse after she left it on a bus and had been stranded with no money and no way of getting home. Also, just this week a happy member of the public tweeted: "Huge thanks to the @Translink_NI school bus driver who handed in my daughter's GCSE artwork to lost property!".

But the commitment and professionalism also applies to making our workplaces more attractive places to be; in Newtownards garage, staff have worked together to improve their workplace. As a team, they planned and reorganised to address an issue of limited space in both the canteen and parts store - a cost-effective solution has given them a brighter, more spacious stores area and canteen facility offering more welcoming surroundings for all colleagues to enjoy.

This of course is a snapshot of what goes on. I know many of you will have your own examples of 'going the extra mile' for customers and colleagues or adding a 'personal touch' which make a big difference. It's great to know that such dedication, initiative and teamwork occurs on a daily basis. In these challenging times, it is qualities like this that keep our business moving forward.

David Strahan

Group Chief Executive