Share the Road to Zero

"raising the awareness of road safety"
24th January 2014


Dear Colleagues,

Safety is always our top priority and many of you, in your role in Translink as a professional driver, help reduce accidents on the roads. This is why we have pledged our support for the Department of the Environment's 'Share the Road to Zero' road safety campaign.

Tragically there have been eight fatalities on local roads since the beginning of this year. Every death is devastating not only for the family of the person who has died but it also impacts the lives of everyone else involved in the incident.

'Share the Road to Zero' is a campaign to achieve zero road deaths in Northern Ireland. We all share the road and the responsibility to behave appropriately - whether as a driver, passenger or pedestrian. We hope our support can help raise awareness of the campaign and save lives. We already deliver many initiatives that deliver safety messages, including:

- a dedicated safety bus welcoming around 30,000 young people on board every year;

- the Ulsterbus Cup competition recognising the top performing GCSE student in Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies;

- the recent launch of a new cycling safety campaign that will involve bus driver training focussing on interaction with cyclists in shared bus lanes.

- our 'Deadline' rail campaign highlights the serious issue of trespassing

Also, as more people choose the bus or train we are helping to reduce congestion and tackle the risk of accidents on local roads. Reducing road deaths to zero is a shared responsibility - find out more about the campaign at

Catherine Mason

Group Chief Executive