Translink Fare Changes

Group Chief Executive's Weekly Message

"Customers Urged to Make Savings with Smartlink and Multi-Journey Ticket Deals"
11th December 2014

Today (11 December) we announced  that most fares on Metro, NI Railways and Ulsterbus will be revised, effective from Monday 16th February 2015. We are encouraging customers to use multi-journey ticket deals like Smartlink to help them save money.

Most Metro fares will increase by 10p – while the average increase will be 4% on Ulsterbus and 4.5% on NI Railways.

Raising fares is always a last resort.  We have frozen our fares for almost 2 years, thanks to increasing passenger numbers and on-going efficiencies across the business. However, like many organisations we have seen many of our costs rise and are facing challenging financial pressures in the year ahead; we now have no option but to increase fares across our bus and rail services.

We know that this is not good news for our customers. We have worked hard to keep these fare increases as low as possible to continue to give passengers a choice of everyday value fares.  Too many people continue to pay cash.  I urge our customers to look for the best value; Smartlink offer savings of almost 40% on bus services, rail passengers can save with mLink and we have also recently introduced aLink, a discounted annual travel card.  We will also continue to offer a range of promotional fares such as 1/3 off rail day return tickets and selected Goldline journeys after 9.30am and Metro daylink fares will be held at the current levels.  All these details are on our website or call our contact centre 028 90 66 66 30.

Even with these increases I am confident travel by bus and train is better value than taking the car.  People also look at services running on time, modern vehicles, a relaxed journey and extras like free wifi.  It is important that as well as focusing on value fares we keep working on great service and making our services as hassle free as possible.  More and more people are choosing public transport and last year we saw over 80 million passenger journeys.  That equates to carrying the population of Northern Ireland on our services each and every week – last year we had 1 million extra fare paying passengers - that’s over more than 300 full buses every week!”

David Strahan

Group Chief Executive