Bus and rail service changes announced

Group Chief Executive's Weekly Message

11th August 2015

Today (Tuesday 11 August) we announced the detail of planned bus and rail service changes that will come into effect from 30 August (rail) and 1 September (bus/coach).

These changes are being implemented following agreement with Trade Unions and form just part of our overall plan to reduce our costs due to the significant reduction in public funding.

The information we got from the public consultation earlier this year has very much helped to inform the decisions we have taken. Overall we have kept the network intact; however, there are a number of services retimed and some service frequency reductions. This was the clear message we got from the 5000+ customers that took part in the process. We also took on board comments from other stakeholders including our Union colleagues, CCNI and political representatives.

Timetable information is now being made available this week through our website and we have a lot of activity underway to help inform our passengers how the changes may impact on them. We are also relocating some Belfast City centre Metro and Ulsterbus bus stops

A dedicated section on our website www.translink.co.uk/newtimetables/ is now live which details a series of public information events from 17-27 August as well as links to the journey planner. We will also have information in the local press, in stations and on board buses and trains. Printed timetables will be in stations in the coming weeks.

Please familiarise yourselves with your own area timetable and changes and help us tell our passengers so they can make any necessary adjustments to their travel plans.

These changes will enable us to continue providing services that are accessible and efficient while providing the best value for money.

David Strahan

Group Chief Executive