Environmental Actions

Group Chief Executive's Weekly Message

"Initiatives such as eco driving and using 100% of our electricity from renewable sources are all helping to deliver tangible results."
22nd August 2014


Dear Colleagues,

This week I want to highlight some of the ways we are improving in our environmental performance.

We have had much success in getting more people to use our services as a better way to travel; indeed with around 80m journeys made last year this has helped to reduce road congestion by removing around 60,000 cars every day on our roads and saving Northern Ireland around 50,000 Tonnes in carbon emissions per annum.

In addition, we have also continued to focus on managing and minimising our own carbon footprint as we use considerable quantities of fuel to run our fleets and energy for heating and lighting our facilities.

Our energy management and targeted energy reduction projects have brought some very impressive results over the last few years. Initiatives such as eco driving and using 100% of our electricity from renewable sources are all helping to deliver tangible results – well done to all and keep up this great work.

Our energy champions across our network along with regular energy surveys and monthly energy reports also allow stations and depots to monitor and take appropriate action; ensuring best practice is shared across sites. We are also investing in new gas heating systems at some locations and our most recent fleet of buses are some of the most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly buses in the region.

These achievements demonstrate the tremendous pride and commitment our employees have in finding more efficient ways of working to help lower CO2 emissions and become more and more environmentally-friendly.

There is always more we can do and I would encourage everyone to look and see how you can play your part, whether it is the simple things like turning off lights or your PC or other equipment when not in use or involved in some of the bigger projects – working together we can make a difference and take another eco step forward towards a cleaner, greener future for our local community.

One final note, I've enjoyed hearing about the experiences of our team of drivers, engineers and contract support staff who recently returned from the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. It was a major project with over 90 buses making the trip across the water to help transport athletes and officials. Our drivers greeted many of the Gold medal winners on board like long jumper Greg Rutherford and local boxing champion Paddy Barnes.

Our team received many compliments about our great customer care and extensive driver knowledge throughout the event. Once again, we have demonstrated our ability to deliver transport for high profile events and I would like to congratulate and thank everyone involved in this major operation.

Gordon Milligan

Interim Group Chief Executive