Translink NI Railways Services Consultation

Group Chief Executive's Weekly Message

13th April 2015


Today we had our first NI Railways services consultation event at Portadown Train Station. We are carrying out a wide public consultation to the end of April 2015 to understand how customers use the services we are reviewing, covering Ulsterbus, Metro and NI Railways. We want to know how users could be affected if any of these services were to be reduced, retimed or withdrawn; for example, is there another service that they could use or could they travel on another day. Where possible we will seek to protect the most important services or those for which there is no alternative travel option.

The review of services is part of our 3 point plan to manage a reduction in Government funding of £13 million in 2015/16 (equivalent to c. 20% of the funding received from DRD), with a clear priority to protect front line services;

  •  £3.1 million will be saved through reductions in administration / management overheads and reorganising facilities. A Voluntary Exit Scheme has been launched to achieve a reduction of up to 60 jobs at management, supervisory and administration levels. These do not relate to 'frontline' services.
  • Fares have been increased by an average of 4.6%, this will net ca. £4 million annually.
  • Bus and rail services are being reviewed, as the group will not have funds to operate all current services.

To assist in making decisions about possible changes to services, we are consulting our passengers, such as today at Portadown.

Today's session at Portadown gave passengers an opportunity to meet our local managers to discuss proposals and provide feedback. Further events will take place over the coming weeks at Carrickfergus Railway Station, Larne Train Station, Belfast Central Station and Great Victoria Street Station.

Furthermore, passengers will be able to directly engage with our colleagues travelling on board local train services and complete surveys. We would like our employees to encourage passengers to participate in the consultations and contribute to shaping the future of our local train services.

The public consultations will be running until 1 May and if you would like more information you can click The Ulsterbus Consultation is still open and we will be speaking to Metro passengers on board buses in the coming weeks.

David Strahan

Group Chief Executive