Giro d'Italia


Gordon Milligan

"transport for one of NI's biggest ever events"
18th April 2014


Dear Colleagues,

We have been working over recent months to complete our new 'Metro Central' staff facility in Upper Queen Street, Belfast city centre and I took the opportunity this week to review how the project was progressing. This new facility, which is due to open early May, will be comfortable and modern, with a canteen, PC's, WiFi and a digital information screen. I know it will be a welcome step up for all our central area operations staff, including drivers and inspectors. We are planning an 'official opening' event in the coming weeks.

May will be a very busy month with many high profile events across Northern Ireland. One of the biggest ever hosted in NI will be the Giro d'Italia (May 8 – 11). This will be a huge and complex event for us and this week we joined the DRD, NITB, Shadetree Sports (the race organisers) and PSNI to launch our transport plan for the race. Our bus and train colleagues have been working together to give the best travel options for visitors who want to get to the race action. Also, we have to manage the impact of the many road closures which will impact our bus services.

We have even got into the spirit of the event with new pink 'Giro branded' Metro buses due on the road after Easter. You can check out everything we are doing for the Giro d'Italia online now at This will be a great opportunity to showcase the best of Northern Ireland and the essential role we play in keeping people connected. Other events we are also getting ready for are the Balmoral Show and the North West 200.

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter and thanks to all of you working over the holidays to keep services running.

Gordon Milligan

Interim Group Chief Executive