Transport plan success

"Demonstrating our ability to successfully
deliver transport plans for high-profile events"
04 October 2012


Dear Colleagues,

We have had a very busy week!  I would like to thank everyone involved in the successful delivery of the transport plan for last weekend’s Ulster Covenant Parade. The event required careful co-ordination across the Group and involved a collaborative approach with many other organisations and statutory bodies.  Around 200 Translink buses were used on the day and everyone who participated in the parade benefitted from carefully executed travel arrangements for both bus and rail services.
Great flexibility and skill was displayed by employees to communicate, manage, deliver and adapt to changing circumstances on the ground and, once again, we have demonstrated our ability to successfully deliver transport plans for high-profile events.
I would also like to congratulate everyone involved in the recent Exercise Diamond – one of the largest training exercises to take place on Belfast Lough. The purpose of the exercise was to test the response of those involved in maritime search, rescue and recovery to a major maritime incident.  We provided transport for Ards and North Down Borough Councils, moving ‘survivors’ to appointed centres and, through the use of the Incident Care Team, we ensured they were cared for until they were delivered into survivor centres. Our participation in this event was recognised by both the Coastguard & PSNI.
This week we also celebrated ten years of the Translink Safety Bus.  The Safety Bus was introduced in 2002 to address antisocial behaviour and since then 250,000 school children have been welcomed aboard and educated on issues regarding safety, consideration and respect.  As a result there has been a major reduction in incidents of vandalism, broken windows and in driver absenteeism, while there has been a marked increase in passenger numbers and customer satisfaction.
I’d like to thank our Safety Bus team who do a wonderful job in promoting the values of safety and mutual respect, as a society we continue to enjoy the benefits arising from their efforts.

Catherine Mason,

Group Chief Executive