Thank you to our people during the current difficult situation

"vigilant and professional looking after passengers safety"
13th December 2012


Dear Colleagues,

I want to thank everyone who has ensured that our services kept running despite considerable disruption caused by on-going protests.  In particular, our drivers, inspectors, supervisors and control teams have adapted to very changeable and often volatile conditions. They have remained vigilant and professional at all times, ensuring passenger safety.
We have received much praise from members of the public about drivers’ diligence. Below is a snapshot of what 2 customers said about Metro Drivers.
“…took the time to make sure every passenger boarding the bus was aware of the diversions in place due to the protest taking place on the Ormeau Bridge.  He advised the route the bus would be taking and when even this diversion was changed he ensured that everyone was aware of the new route.  The bus was attacked by youths below the bridge and he made sure that all the passengers were ok.  Please pass on my thanks to him as I’m sure it was a stressful drive for him, one which he handled very well.”
“Our journey was subjected to much delay and diversion as a consequence of various outbursts of violence. I wish to commend the bus driver. He made every effort to drop people as close as possible to their destinations and kept us abreast of his diversions, while keeping in touch with HQ over the location of trouble spots. He was a great ambassador for Translink. Everyone on the 4A bus much appreciated his efforts to get us home.”
These are just two examples which typify the actions of many. Many thanks to everyone for your continued efforts to look after our customers and deliver our services during such a difficult situation.

Catherine Mason

Group Chief Executive