Misuse of Railway Crossings

"warning motorists and pedestrians of the serious dangers"
23rd August 2013


Dear Colleagues,

This week we revealed that in the past 12 months we took action against individuals regarding 76 safety related incidents along the rail network in Northern Ireland, totalling fines in excess of £9,000. 

Since the Londonderry line reopened, there have been sixteen incidents of motorists attempting to ‘beat the barrier’ at Castlerock alone and all of them may face prosecution.

We want to remind motorists and pedestrians that CCTV is in operation at stations, railway crossings and on all trains.  These monitor inappropriate behavior and we will prosecute anyone caught damaging property, trespassing or endangering others.

Safety is always a top priority and our ‘DEADLINE’ campaign is currently running to remind motorists and pedestrians of the serious dangers associated with the misuse of level crossings. For information you can view our safety videos on www.youtube.com/user/TranslinkNI.

Accessibility is another important focus for our business and in line with Disability Awareness Week we confirmed our continuing support for the ‘JAM’ (Just A Minute) card. The card is used by those with learning disabilities and difficulties in everyday life who may feel under pressure when out and about and require a discreet way of letting people know that they sometimes need ‘Just A Minute’ of extra time and patience. The initiative will help Metro bus drivers recognise passengers who need extra time while using services.

Finally, I want to congratulate and thank everyone involved in the delivery of both the Fleadh Cheoil na Éireann and Tennent’s Vital transport plans where we very successfully transported thousands of people to concerts in South Belfast and Derry-Londonderry. We have received very positive feedback from both events’ organisers and these successes once again position us as the leading transport provider for high profile events.

Catherine Mason

Group Chief Executive