Extended P&R at Antrim station

"new trains & buses , value for money tickets and P&R make rail and bus the better choice compared to private motoring and car parking fees"
31 August 2012


Dear Colleagues,

This week we marked the latest stage in the redevelopment of our bus and rail station at Antrim by opening extended Park & Ride facilities at the station with Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy. P&R is a very effective means of getting car users to switch to bus and train travel.

The P&R now has 180 car parking spaces for commuters using the Antrim station. This extension is part of a wider £2.9million investment to deliver Translink’s integrated rail and bus facility. We also welcomed the last of our 20 new Class 4000 trains into passenger service.

I would like to thank the property team for all their hard work to date in delivering this project. The timely completion of this extended P&R facility now makes it even easier for our customers to interchange between the car and train or bus. Together with our new fleet and many value for money tickets, using rail or bus is the better travel choice, particularly when compared to private motoring and car parking fees.

I would also like to extend my best wishes to the Monkstown Metro driver who was the victim of a robbery earlier this week. Thanks to the Metro team for their quick and decisive actions and for working with community leaders, the PSNI and local politicians to restore services in the area from this evening.

Catherine Mason,

Group Chief Executive